Will a Low Carb Diet Really Cut Your Life Short?

August 30, 2018 Angela No comments exist

When I started this crazy journey back in June 2015, I knew it was bigger than anything I had ever stumbled across in my Pharmacy career. That innocent “low carb” Google search somehow dropped me into this world of nutrition that was very foreign and mysterious… Most health professionals, including Pharmacists, get very little education in nutrition. We are taught what the guidelines say and what different vitamins and minerals do but that was just about it.

When I look back on my classes on cholesterol in the early 90’s… well that is a story for another day.

I knew I had to figure out a way to share what I had learned about the origin of the current guidelines, the influence of industry on health education, why common sense had somehow become muddied with the business of healthcare, the egos of those who (even unknowingly) built careers on a very shaky foundation of unproven theories, and the messiness of challenging long held beliefs – even my own! As a pharmacist, I was fascinated by the use of therapeutic nutrition to reduce medication use and I had to learn more.

In early 2016, under the name “Keto Solution”, I started a Facebook page and Twitter account and built a website on my own thanks to YouTube tutorials. I needed these outlets to start sharing what I was learning – hoping it would reach those who needed to hear it. I also decided that peer support was going to be a very important piece, so I created the Facebook Group “Keto Solution – PEI”. This group started out with a few family and friends and has grown to over a thousand members.

Over the last three years, I have heard so many success stories that kept convincing me to keep going. Some might call it obsession, and that might be accurate, but I am not alone. There is an international network of like minded professionals trying to get this message out.

Fast forward to this week: a “study” being shared all over the world about low carb diets linked to early death. I couldn’t believe it – and neither should you! Why this particular study got so much media attention is amazing considering it was based on a food questionnaire given many years apart.

This article by Zoe Harcombe describes in detail why these conclusions are inaccurate and do not qualify as evidence against a low carb diet. All this news story has done is cast doubt on a very effective treatment for many of our modern chronic diseases, especially Type 2 Diabetes.

So here we are – the public has to once again decide who to listen to, which is a shame. The evidence is clear to me and all I can do is continue to help my followers and patients the best way I can.

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