December 2018

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So you might have noticed that “Keto” seems to have blown up this year! After almost 3 years following this lifestyle myself and teaching others, it is so great to finally see that low carb is not only getting positive attention in the popular media, but also among health professionals!

Canadian Clinicians for Therapeutic Nutrition is a growing group of Canadian professionals working hard to get the message out that change is needed, especially with our official nutrition guidelines.

I have noticed the negative reactions to low carb are getting to be less and less common. Once you see things like diabetes getting better with less medication, it is hard to argue with those kinds of results.

Physicians and other health professionals are seeing these benefits in their patients and are learning more about how this way of eating can be used to reduce or eliminate medication use. Therapeutic nutrition and lifestyle medicine can achieve results that medication can’t.

One thing I have learned this year from working directly with patients in a clinic setting is that it is not “magic” for everyone and some will respond better than others. For those who respond, the results can be quite dramatic. For others, the journey can be a bit longer with ups and downs. For those dealing with multiple health issues, medical support is required since changes in the diet can require significant changes in medication regimens.

PEI is very lucky to have Dr. Lori Cheverie, who specializes in Obesity Medicine and Metabolic Health and who also understands the benefits of using a low carb diet to help patients reach their goals.

I remember someone asked me back in early 2016 when I started the support group “What is your ultimate goal with this thing?” And I remember saying “My ultimate goal would be to work with a Physician using this way of eating to help people control/reverse diabetes while reducing/eliminating medications.”

2018 was the year that I had the opportunity to do exactly that and I am so grateful!

One downside of the popularity of the “Keto Diet” right now is that many don’t realize how powerful it can be when it comes to medication and what potential issues can arise and how to deal with them.

My mission with Keto Solution is to provide a forum for ongoing peer support and help people navigate the pitfalls to get the most benefit possible from this way of eating! Our Facebook group just keeps growing which is fantastic!

As this year comes to a close, I am excited about what 2019 will bring and I wish you and your family a wonderful low carb holiday season!

As one of our star members of the Keto Solution – PEI Facebook group, Jill, says “No cheats, just keto treats!”

Happy Holidays!


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